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Disability Benefits For ChildrenSupplemental Security Income Benefits: Sarah’s Story

Disability benefits for children are available to children like Sarah. But now, Social Security is planning to stop Sarah’s benefits! When Sarah was born she was less than 2 ½ pounds. It was an uphill fight to save her, but Sarah was a fighter.

Only after many weeks of intensive care was she released from the hospital. Why is Social Security planning to stop Sarah’s benefits?

Sarah’s mom was grateful that Social Security quickly approved Sarah’s SSI benefits.

Now at five years old, Sarah’s Social Security disability case was reviewed.  She went to a Social Security doctor for an exam. Then Sarah’s mom got the bad news.  Sarah’s benefits were to be stopped. Social Security had missed some of Sarah’s medical reports. Some behavioral reports from school and home were not considered.  She is now on meds for ADHD.  At school, she is in special classes.  Sarah’s therapist says she has an Oppositional Defiant Behavioral disorder.

How can Social Security say Sarah’s functional problems are not marked and severe?
Sarah’s mom needs every penny to keep my family together. Sarah’s mom needs help now!

Supplemental Security Income Benefits for Children with Disabilities

Children with medical conditions that cause marked and severe functional problems may qualify. This means that the condition(s) must seriously limit your child’s activities. The condition must be disabling, or be expected to be disabling, for at least 12 months or cause death. There are also certain income and resource requirements. Periodically Social Security will check to see if the child still meets the requirements.

Appeals for Children’s SSI Benefits

An appeal of a child’s SSI case following a denial or cessation is the same as an appeal in an adult case.  But, children’s cases cannot be done online.  Your local Social Security office is your source for help.

Sarah’s mom is overwhelmed by the whole prospect of appealing Sarah’s cessation.  If timely requested, Sarah’s benefits can continue while Sarah’s appeal is processed.
Sarah’s case is fictional but it is typical of real-life situations.

We Help Get Disability Benefits For Children

Many Social Security attorneys do not represent parents in their claim for disability benefits for children. We do! “Hello, I’m attorney Hallman Woods. I’ve been helping people including parents of children with disabilities for over 50 years. I only represent clients with Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims.

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Together we can plan a free personalized plan that you can use to help you achieve success for your child.”

For more information about disability benefits for children, call me at (337) 364-4556. Or, send an email using the online contact form. Tell me about your case. Initial case evaluations are free. There is no fee unless you win your case.

If your child’s application was denied, it is important that you come in for a free review as soon as possible. There are crucial deadlines for an appeal!