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Apply For SSI

When you apply for SSI benefits there are things you need to know about the program.

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You may have heard about the Supplemental Security Income program. It is administered by the Social Security Administration. The SSI federal program is for individuals who have a limited income and resources. There are things you need to know to apply for SSI benefits.

·       Adults who are disabled or totally or partially blind may be eligible.
·       Children who are disabled who have limited income and resources may be eligible.
·       Adults who are 65 or older who have limited resources may be eligible.

The amount payable usually changes each year. The benefits are not large but may be life-saving for some. For example for one person for 2018, the maximum benefit is $750. For a couple, the maximum is $1125. For more information…

The amount of benefits may be adjusted depending on if you or a family member has other income. Usually once approved for SSI benefits, you will be eligible for Medicaid.

Apply for SSIThe disability rule for adults seeking SSI benefits is the same as the Social Security Disability Insurance program. The rule is generally that you unable to work at a substantial gainful activity.  Your impairments must prevent you from doing any past work or other work.  SGA is a monthly amount. Social Security may adjust the amount each year. For 2018, the amount is $1180 per month.

Guidelines for determining if a child meets the physical or mental impairments are different.

Income That Social Security Counts

Income and gifts can reduce your benefits. In some cases, benefits are eliminated entirely. Included as income are money you earn, Social Security benefits, and pensions.  Things of value from other people like food and shelter are included.

Resources Social Security Counts

If you own too much you cannot get SSI benefits.
A single person’s resources must be no more than $2000.
A married couple can have $3000 in resources.

Some things are not counted as resources. Your house is usually not counted provided you live in the house. Usually, your car is not counted. Things counted include cash, bonds, bank accounts, settlements, workers compensation, contest winnings, and inheritances. More about resources...


When You Apply for SSI Benefits

You should have the following information handy.
You will need:

·       Social Security number, birthday, and marriage information
·       Medical information
·       Income and resource information

When you apply for SSI benefits you are not able to do so online.
To apply you must contact your local Social Security office to set up an appointment. You may call toll-free 1-800-772-1213.  For more information about SSI benefits, you can go to

The information in this discussion is only general. Many exceptions and rules can be used by an experienced attorney to help get you approved!

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