How To Make The Social Security Disability Appeal

The Social Security Disability AppealWant to know what to do when Social Security denies your claim! Social Security can make mistakes! You must appeal! To make the Social Security disability appeal is explained.  This means Social Security will look at your case again.

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Here’s how to request your appeal!

If you are computer savvy you can file an appeal on line at Also, see…  Be cautious about your online business with Social Security.

Social Security pushes online applications and appeals as quick and easy. Be careful! Actually many people find the forms difficult and confusing. They often report giving up in frustration.

Claimants also report the presence of many misleading websites. These websites appear to be helpful but are actually attempts to offer their services.  You may or may not be ready to accept! Once committed to an online representative it is difficult to change your mind!

Many people still make their Social Security disability appeal the old fashion way!

The safest way is to call your local Social Security office or 1-800-772-1213. Explain that you want to appeal your claim. You do not want to appeal on line! There is just too much at stake to be unsure!

The necessary forms will be promptly forwarded to you. Fill out the forms as best you can. Call your local Social Security office if you need help more help. You must make your request within 60 days from the date you receive your denial letter. Social Security assumes you received the letter five days after the date on the letter.


  • Do you know there are four levels of appeals?
  • What can you do or say to make Social Security change its mind?
  • Can you face an Administrative Law Judge alone?
  • Do you know how to review your electronic folder!
  • Did you know you had an electronic folder?
  • What are the issues in your case?

Social Security uses many regulations to prevent you from getting paid. Recent numbers show that over 60 percent of initial applications are denied.

Does it make sense to handle your own appeal?
You deserve the monthly benefits you worked hard for. Don’t lose your benefits because of a mistake! Present your whole story with help from an experienced lawyer.

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If your current application was denied, it is important that you come in for a free review as soon as possible. There are crucial deadlines for an appeal.