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Hallman Woods, Social Security Disability AttorneyYou want to work! You always worked! Now you can’t work! Can Social Security disability benefits help? Yes of course they can!

But, Social Security uses many regulations to prevent paying you. Few first-time applicants are approved. You need someone with experience to help you fight back!

Times have changed with SSDI claims. We’re changing too. We still offer our clients full service, personal representation, but we’re just not always face-to-face.

We can handle your claim by phone or video start to finish, including your Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge all by telephone or video.

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Experienced and Successful

I’ve been successfully helping people of Louisiana with claims for injuries and disabilities many years. Today I only represent clients with Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims.

Prepare for Success!

Preparation is the key to successful Social Security claims. Successful disability claims need extensive preparation.

What We Do

  • See all forms properly completed.
  • Obtain and file medical records.
  • Review and update electronic folder.
  • Periodic personal office visits for updates.
  • Prepare you for your hearing.
  • Attend hearing with you.
  • Take care of any other problems.


”I believe our most valuable service is the preparation of your claim for appeal and review. Together we can devise a winning plan for you!“

Hallman Woods


For more information about your eligibility for SSDI benefits, call me at 337-364-4556. Or, send an email using the online contact form.

Testimonials for Hallman Woods

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for assisting me with disability. All of your help really made this process easier- especially when you’re not feeling well to do the work.”

Arlana F.

“I want to thank Mr. Woods and his staff for all the help that they did for me through my Social Security Disability journey. I would recommend him to others that is in the need of a lawyer.”

Anna W.

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Social Security Disability Insurance

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