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Hallman Woods
Social Security Disability Attorney

Hallman Woods, Lawyer“For over 50 years, I have been representing people with claims for injuries and disabilities.   I only represent clients with Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims.

I am a graduate of Tulane Law School.

I am only interested in seeing disabled clients fully represented in their claims! When you can’t work anymore, you have lost everything. I know what this means! I consider helping people who are disabled, the most important thing I have ever done.

Sometimes it’s just to help direct them to where they can make their initial application. Sometimes it is to direct them to resources to get the medical treatment they need. When their benefits are denied, I help them win their cases before a Social Security judge.”

Virginia C. Woods
MS, LPC Non-Attorney Social Security Disability Representative

Virginia Woods RepresentativeA graduate of Loyola University, Ms. Woods is a Licensed Professional Counselor. In New Orleans and Dallas mental health facilities, she provided counseling for 10 years. She also worked for four years at Ursuline Academy in New Orleans as a school counselor. She then worked four years as a school counselor at Spain Park High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

She worked as a counselor at Lafayette High School Lafayette Louisiana for two years. She is also a trained mediator in family and child mediation. Her desire to help others directs her to help disabled Social Security and SSI claimants. She brings great empathy to her work with disabled claimants. She is particularly skillful in mental impairment cases as well as children with impairments. She states, “I help give guidance and insight into the claimant’s situation. Including, helping when necessary to find needed resources.”  Ms. Woods is a Non Attorney representative who fully represents claimants at all levels.

She has been certified by the Social Security Administration to represent claimants.

Julie Boudreaux Tauzin
Social Security Disability Claim Facilitator

Julie Tauzin Claim RepresentiveMs. Tauzin has Social Security in her blood. Her father, E.C. Boudreaux gave 40 years  of service to the Social Security Administration.  He was the Manager of the District Social Security Office in New Iberia Louisiana.  “Julie” has great rapport with claimants. She guides them from their initial phone call to the conclusion of the claim. She has a vast knowledge of Social Security procedure. -and if she does not know the answer she has the resources to find it. She has been helping Social Security claimants for all most 25 years.