Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits-Quick Test

Qualifying For Social Security DisabilityAre you considering a Social Security disability claim or SSI claim? Do you have a pending claim? See what qualifying for Social Security disability is about in 3 minutes or less!

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This short quiz will give you some basic answers. It’s easy to use. Give each question as much thought as needed. Be honest with yourself. Jot down any questions which may come up.  During an individual personalized evaluation of your claim I can answer your questions about qualifying for Social Security disability.

See If You Qualify in 3 Minutes or Less.

1.      Are you presently working up to 40 hours per week and/or earning over $1170 per month?
Yes__ No__
2.      Do you have a medical or mental condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death? Does the condition limit or prevent you from working?
Yes, to all__ No, to any__
3.      Can you prove the severity of your medical or mental condition?  Up-to-date, medical evidence including treatment, medications, diagnostic tests, or other supporting evidence is required.
Yes__ No__
4.     Are you still able to perform any of the jobs you performed during the last 15 years?
Yes__ No__
5.      Even though you can’t to do any of your past work, can you do any kind of work? Including unskilled sit/down work, no matter how unrewarding, or at any pay level?  Be realistic.  Impairments must be physical or mental, not “nobody will hire me”.
Yes__ No__

Grade Yourself – Qualifying for Social Security disability

Question 1
If you answered, “yes,” your application for disability benefits will probably be denied.

Question 2
If you answered, “yes” you meet one of the important requirements for disability benefits.

Question 3
If you answered, “yes” you meet another important requirement for Social Security disability benefits.  If the answer is, “no”, your claim probably will be unsuccessful. Social Security regulations do not allow payment of benefits based upon your allegations alone. Work on getting all the necessary medical treatment for your condition as possible. Qualifying for social security disability can be complicated, but we’re here to help.

Question 4
If you answered, “yes” your claim will be denied.

Question 5
If you answered, “no,” you probably meet the requirements for Social Security disability benefits.  Provided your impairments are substantiated.  And, you are not working as described in Question 1.

Individuals age 50 or over, with limited past work experience, may be disabled even though, they can perform some jobs. Past work experience and age is so important! These issues affect qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. You are advised to seek the advice of a Social Security specialist about these issues.

Each Step Has Exceptions to the General Rules For Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits!

Social Security will scrutinize each step in the process.  Issues of severity, proof of impairments, and vocational issues are most important. Qualifying for social security disability can be complicated, but we’re here to help.

This Information is Not Legal Advice and Is for General Use Only! Advice from an experienced Social Security representative is strongly recommended!
For more information about SSDI or SSI benefits, call me at (337) 364-4556. Or, send an email using the online contact form. Tell me about your case. Initial case evaluations are free. There is no fee unless you win your case.